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Performance Coatings

Metallizers Mid-America, Inc. specializes in the application of cutting edge technology composite coatings. Protection from and repair of damage caused by erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and extreme temperatures can all be addressed with the extreme duty engineered composite systems in which we specialize.

Engineered Surface Technologies and Composite Repairs

Metallizers Mid-America, Inc is an applicator for hi-solids composite materials containing low or no volatile organic compounds. Applied correctly, these highly engineered specialty materials prevent corrosion, provide resistance to abrasion and erosion, insulate, refurbish castings, restore critical tolerances and repair leaks on-line.


Engineered Industrial Solutions

  • Save castings from the scrap yard
  • Plate bonding and wrap repairs
  • Tank lining
  • Cast pipe liners
  • Custom molded composite castings
  • Metal stitching
  • Concrete form repairs
  • Chemical secondary containment
Industrial Grit Media Blasting Automotive Media Blasting
Metallizers of Mid-America - specializing in media blasting, abrasive and non-abrasive blast cleaning and electric thermal arc metalizing